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What is Meaning of Education

The word education is derived from educare (Latin) “bring up”, which is related to educere “bring out”, “bring forth what is within”, “bring out potential” and ducere, “to lead”. In ancient Greece, Socrates argued that education was about drawing out what was already within the student. (As many of you know, the word education comes […]

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Your Donation Of Time Money And Or Resources Are Crucial To The Success Of Our Mission

The modern public school system is broken. It’s not just the school itself that is failing us, but also the government and parents who buy into this flawed system. We need to do something about it because our children deserve better than what we’re giving them now. Is Public School really Free? Public schools in […]

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What is Art

Learn more about what makes and defines art https://phxca.org

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Why Study Literature

This lecture introduces basic concepts of narrative identity theory as part of studying literature. https://phxca.org

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Importance of Education

"The main hope of a nation
lies in the proper education of its youth"

Main Reasons Why Education is So Important

Education is a key to success. We also come across several quotes about the importance of education. Education is so important. We need education in our life. https://phxca.org

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Educational Apps – Why It’s Worth Investing On

The educational app store is a great place to find apps for learning. This is where parents, educators, and students can discover new ways to learn and develop skills. If in doubt about an application, you can check them out on review sites like youreviewit or do a quick search on Google.

Educational apps are the future of learning. As more people choose to adopt this technology, more companies will start developing educational apps. An educational app store is a great place for people to find high-quality educational apps that can help their kids or students learn better and faster.

Educational Apps Help Improve Learning Skills

Educational apps for kids are a great way to give your child a head start in their education. They can be used to learn or reinforce lessons learned at school and they can also be used as an educational supplement.

The educational app market is constantly evolving and there are new apps being developed every day. There are some that have been around for a while and are still popular, like Khan Academy, but there are also newer ones like ABC Mouse that offer more interactive learning experiences.

Why You Need To Invest in Educational Apps Now and How to Get Started

Investing in education technology is a great way to improve the learning experience for students. It can also help teachers to provide a more engaging environment for their students.

There are many ways to invest in educational apps. You can invest in the development of an app, you can invest in an app company or you can simply invest your time by volunteering at a school and helping them develop their own apps.

What are the Best Educational Applications For Children?

Educational apps are a great way to keep children engaged and learning. It is important to find the right app or games that will be a good fit for your child’s needs.

The best educational applications for children are listed below:

– Duolingo: This is an app that helps people learn languages by translating phrases they enter into their phones. It also has a feature where it can translate real-time conversations, which is perfect for traveling abroad or just making yourself more fluent in another language.

– Khan Academy: This application offers over 3,000 videos on subjects ranging from math to art history. The videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve problems and give you visual examples so you can complete the exercise by yourself at home.

– Minecraft: This game is a popular form of entertainment that allows players to build and create their own 3D worlds. It is considered educational because it teaches problem-solving and creativity.

Read also: The Effect of Minecraft on Education

– Treehouse: This app focuses on teaching children about coding, electronics, and web design in ways that are interesting for kids to learn. As they progress in the app, students can move from learning basic skills to using these skills to create their own web pages, games, and animations.

Online websites are useful for learning purposes, but they can be felt like a waste of time, money or effort because they do not provide any real benefit such as tangible items.

How to Choose the Right App for Your Child’s Needs?

Choosing the right app for your child’s needs can be a daunting task. There are so many apps available in the market that it is difficult to find the one that would suit your child’s needs.

If you are looking for an app to help your child with their reading and writing skills, then you should go with ABC Mouse. This app has been designed by educators and is a great way to teach kids basic literacy and math skills.

If you want to teach your child about geography, then they should try GeoSafari Jr! This app has been designed by National Geographic and will be a great way to make learning fun for your kids.

The Effect of Minecraft on Education

Minecraft has risen from its modest start ups in 2011 to grow as the best-selling video game ever. Minecraft: Education Edition was built by Mojang, the new makers of the most updated Minecraft content, with the goal of boosting learning and retention for children in school.

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

The new education edition of Minecraft serves as a guided experience that leads players via a series of tasks aimed at teaching them certain skills. These include the problem-solving skills, STEM skills, curriculum concepts, and teamwork, all while allowing them to express themselves.

It also become a gateway that opens up new forms and strategies for teaching specific topics that are easier to understand and apply.

The Vision of Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft already helps to train and improve specific learning aspects like hand-eye coordination, resource management, and creativity as a 3D building game.

Furthermore, Mojang concentrated its efforts on incorporating STEM learning tools. Chemistry, coding, and allowing students to collaborate on challenges in order to foster teamwork and leadership abilities are all included here.

The Sucess of Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition has been utilized by numbers of students in around 40 countries from the first day it was released. This game has helped students learn and comprehend to topics considerably faster compared to traditional teaching techniques.

Staying attentive and handling cross-curricular lessons can be observed on students when using Minecraft: Education Edition, according to teachers all over the world. This is something that is typically hard to incorporate when the traditional teaching methods has been used.

Computador Completo – Tool For Teaching And Learning

Computers come in different sizes, types and uses. The most common computer that is built for regular general-purpose use and designed for individual end-user is the personal computer, or PC. Desktop computers, all-in-one (AIO) computers and laptops are examples of PCs.

Computador Completo – Your Personal Microcomputer

Fast, efficient, versatile, and easy to use – These are some of the incredible qualities of personal computers. Because of their numerous capabilities and functions that make work and other tasks simpler and faster to perform and complete, these microcomputers are most fitting for personal and office work and use.

As a large number of users find personal computers very functional and useful, there is always a demand for PCs making them hugely available on the market. For example, Atual Center has a line of computers built for home and family use, corporate use as well as for gaming use.

With Atual Center, you can securely purchase a computador completo online at a reasonable cost. You also get a warranty for one year for any product that you purchase on their site as well as free shipping for select areas in Brazil.

Their best-selling computador completo have excellent processors, RAM memory, internal storage, and graphics memory providing superb speed, responsiveness and reliable power and performance. You can be certain that you can run several applications faster as well as enjoy high-quality visuals.

Computers Support Teaching and Learning

Computers have transformed nearly all aspects of life. Education is among them. In many ways and varying levels, computers have improved the teaching-learning process making it more efficient and effective as well as more beneficial for both learners and teachers.

Computers greatly help teachers impart information and students learn new knowledge in a more interactive and interesting manner. As our world today is extremely high-tech, learners are most likely making use of a computer, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, to assist in their schooling. For instance, students are able to research and gain access to a multitude of information in audio and/or visual form that would help them in their school-related tasks. This is made possible with computers and the internet.

For teachers, computer use in the classroom have made it easier for them to allocate their attention and time. Programs that are designed for remedial students and software for tutoring and advanced learning help educators in addressing the needs of those students falling behind or those who require schoolwork that are more challenging. Computers also aid in slowing down or speeding up the learning process. Additionally, calculating averages, recording grades, and other tasks using a computer are made easier and more accurate for teachers saving them time and energy.

Transportation and Education of Students


Student promotion is a promotion for students who cannot go to school on their own. For example, it may be due to an illness, disability, or behavioral problem. Who is the target audience? How can I make a request? How much does it cost?

Who are you targeting?

Students have the right to transport students such as:

– Due to the obstacle, it is not possible to travel independently by public transport.
– I go to a special school (elementary school).
– Transportation of students who go to school beyond the prescribed kilometer limit

Types of student transport

Municipalities allow students assigned to special primary and special (junior high school) schools to actually attend. There are various options:

– Your child will receive a public transport subscription (perhaps even for a companion)
– Your child uses organized transportation by bus or taxi (adaptive transportation)
– If your parents pick up your child and take you by car (earnhardt Honda), etc., you will be reimbursed for the cost.

Applying for student transport

You can apply for transportation in the city where you live. You will need to submit a new application for each academic year. Municipalities determine whether a child is eligible to be transported under the laws of the municipality. You can check or request local school traffic regulations from your municipality to find out what you are given.

The Dutch Municipal Association (VNG) has created a model regulation for attending school. Most municipalities issue this ordinance. You can easily check if your child is eligible for transportation by using the attached “School Transportation Condition Sheet”.

Parental Fees

Municipalities can apply for donations for the transportation of students in (special) elementary school areas. Can my child travel by public transport because he has a disability? In this case, the municipality may not ask for donations from parents.

Municipal evaluation application

When evaluating an application for attending school, the municipality must consider “efforts that can be reasonably expected from parents”. Municipalities can also take into account (traffic) information from experts when reviewing applications. This is important in reviewing this application. There is also the issue of whether students can travel independently.

Kilometer limit for school

Municipalities have set a minimum distance between home and school. Usually, this is 6 kilometers. If the distance from your home to school is less than 6 km, you may not be able to attend school. As a general rule, this restriction does not apply to children who cannot travel (independently) by public transport due to their disability.

Education is important to children, so transportation is a need for them to go to school.

How to Boost Your Career with a Certificate?


Have you ever thought about boosting your career with a certificate? Certificates are a great way to show off your skills and qualifications. They don’t have to be expensive, either. With the number of free or cheap courses available online, you can find one for just about any skill. Below are some tips on how to find the perfect certificate course for you and how to use it after you’ve got it.

Why Get a Certificate?

Certificates are a great way to show off skills and qualifications. While certificates don’t have to be expensive, you should make sure you find one that fits your skillset. For example, if you’re working in customer service then the certificate will likely not be as valuable as it would be for someone with an IT or marketing background.

There are many reasons to get a certificate. Certificates can help you acquire new skills for your current job, they can help you switch careers, or they can help you advance in your current career. If your employer offers tuition reimbursement or if the company you want to work for requires certain certifications, then obtaining them now will give you an advantage when applying for jobs.

How to Find the Perfect Course?

What type of certificate course are you looking for? Do you need a certificate in a specific field? If so, what are some things you should look for when searching for the perfect free or cheap certificate course?

  • Is this course accredited or endorsed by any agency or board? You want to choose an accredited course.
  • What is the length of the course? If it’s too long, it may be hard to complete on your own time.
  • How long do you have access to the materials after finishing the course? Some certificates expire after a certain amount of time, which can make them useless if they expire before you have had a chance to use them on your resume.
  • Do I need to take any prerequisites before beginning this course? Prerequisites are necessary for many of these courses, but they can also be difficult to find at times.

Once you found a program, you can click here and check out some products that can help you with your course and absorb the lessons faster.

Organizations that Helped to Fill the Gap of Nigerian Education

In estimation, the population of out-of-school children in Nigeria is around 10 million.

Being the highest country ranked with the most number of out-of-school children, there are numerous factors leading to this problem in the country.

  1. High rates of poverty
  2. Terrorism
  3. Insecurity
  4. Covid-19
  5. Gender which also covers discrimination, child marriage, and gender-based violence

With this, majority of the children in Nigeria do not have any accessibility to good education. Eventually, the cycles of poverty goes on and on and on. The good news is many organizations are working their best effort to give quality education to the country. They are actually reaching for the most underserved communities and solving the root causes of this concern.

Organizations that Give Better Education in Nigeria

January 24, 2022 is the celebration of the World Education Day. And during this day, the hard works of amazing organizations in giving more access to children were recognized. In connection to that, here are some of those organizations that promise a bright future for children in Nigeria.

Lagos Food Bank Initiative (LFBI)

The Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students or EDUFOOD is one of the programs lined-up under LFBI. This aims to improve the nutritional health status of students destructed by food insecurity.

Dream Catchers Academy

An exclusive organization for girls, Dream Catchers Academy for Girls offers boarding education and performing arts for Nigerian girls who are undeserved and abandoned. Dancing is the educational tool being used in this institution.

Dolly Children Foundation

Providing educational materials such textbooks and even uniforms and school supplies is the main role of this nonprofit organization.

Advantages and Opportunities of Online Learning



Many parents are logically not confident in learning on the Internet. Because, in addition to many supporters, there are also one or two opponents. There is no general answer to the question of which of them is correct.

As is often the case, there are always strengths and weaknesses. This also applies to online learning. But knowing these usually sheds some light.

Opportunities and Advantages of Online Learning

Overall, the development of online learning opportunities provides many opportunities to accompany, motivate, personally support, and broaden the horizons of experience for students during learning. Increase their knowledge also with the internet, educational websites (with editorial link building service), informative articles, blogs, films, videos, etc.

We have summarized the specific benefits and advantages of online learning and the importance of education:


1: Content Topic

Thanks to the internet connection, the content and applications created are regularly checked, updated, and improved as needed. Many know this from regular updates of the app on tablets and smartphones.

Users can benefit from improvements and enhancements as soon as they become available.


2: Multimedia and Interactivity

The online offer is particularly attractive to children because it is multimedia-based. Images, movies, sounds, interactive 3D graphics, and lighting can be done at the same time. Many learning opportunities on the Internet are also designed to be interactive.

For children’s knowledge tests and online learning, the portal is followed by an on-screen reaction. The numbers move, the door opens and the correct answer is displayed. This allows users to quickly determine if they are right.


3: It is possible to work with others

Children want to learn very well and group with others. This is evidenced by various approaches to this so-called peer learning. Online-based offers such as wikis and digital classrooms offer the best conditions for this.


4: Adaptation to individual learning levels

Children understand things at different speeds. They bring different levels of prior knowledge and are more or less interested in specific content, whether focused or not.

An online-based learning system addresses these various learning requirements directly and with great flexibility to support individual students.


5: Motivational

Suitable for ages and specific application situations, children will soon be very motivated. However, online learning, in particular, can create additional learning incentives.

Children are even more motivated to learn if they can measure themselves against others with well-defined goals in mind.


6: Flexibility to Learn on the Go

Online-based learning opportunities allow children to learn anywhere they have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. This makes learning more mobile and flexible.


Points to note when learning online:

1. Safe handling of new media
2. Supporting the use of media
3. Quality check of online learning offers


Playing as a Learning Tool

Play is an excellent way to learn and has been shown throughout history as a stepping stone for children who want more than just fun. Kid’s play not only entertains them, but also provides opportunities in education with unstructured time spent interacting freely without adult supervision or instruction from teachers.

In recent years there have been many studies done on how kids’ informal games can be used by educators looking at developing skills like creativity through arts & crafts projects while exploring topics such social sciences (economics), geography/geology etc… They are able explore these subjects before they even take any level.

Play and Learn in Pre-K

We all know that kids need to play outside sometimes, but did you realize how important it is for them?

Playing has long become an essential tool through the growth of children.

This is according to Katherine Green, a faculty member from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

In fact she says there’s research showing the positive impact this typeof activities can have on literacy skills as well mathematics growth among other things including social competence, regulation and child’s confidence. So when we ask ourselves what should our child be doing during his/her free time – shouldn’t he or she also spend some?

Play and Learn in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the time when children learn how to work together in teams and on tasks with rules that can be challenged by another player or group. It’s also an opportunity for them explore their creativity while learning new skills such as taking turns, following instructions (even if they’re unclear), sharing things equally among teammates so no one has all of the responsibility put onto him/herself alone–and most importantly: having fun!

Education: What is it and Why is it important?

What is education?

Education is a measure of how well a person has stored and can process information about reality. These are based above all on connections between what is going on in the world and how you deal with it. Education describes both the process of learning and the transfer of knowledge as well as the result, the information skills in a person’s brain.

Is school important?

School attendance has been compulsory in Germany since the 19th century. Before that, education was an accidental good – especially for the social elite.

Today it is actually the task of schools to create educational equality, better said equality of opportunity: all children should have the best possible access to socially recognized positions, jobs, prosperity, power, and political influence.

Today education is free and compulsory for all children – but it is still distributed very differently. Virtually all of the human knowledge can now be found on the Internet for free. Competencies are therefore even more important than knowledge – and wisdom is something else.

Why is education important?

I bet you yourself can think of a few answers straight away when asked why education and school are important …

Let’s do a headstand for this: Imagine that you had no education at all.

  • Then you would not be able to use this technical device on which you are reading this text.
  • You couldn’t read at all.
  • You would not even on the idea come, the question “Why is education important?” To ask.
  • A social life without education is not possible, especially not with our complex digitalized society in times of climate change

But: a large part of our education is not visible, we have got used to it.
Because: Education is more than what is taught in school – education is the number of skills, knowledge, meaningful behavior that we have learned.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has also shown us that public education is still failing in some places: many people do not understand the connections behind a pandemic and prefer to believe in crude conspiracy theories. In addition, there are many people with mental health problems despite high-quality schooling. Despite (and because of) high-tech industry, there are serious environmental crises that threaten our existence as humanity (bee deaths, climate change) – so there is still a lot to be done in our collective education. Do your part!

What is Art

Learn more about what makes and defines art

Main Reasons Why Education is So Important

Education is a key to success. We also come across several quotes about the importance of education. Education is so important. We need education in our life.


Why Study Literature

This lecture introduces basic concepts of narrative identity theory as part of studying literature.


The Importance Of Education

The importance of education is something that our society hasn’t really grasped its significance yet. The culture you live in, the environment, the people you interact with – all of these factors have a massive impact upon the way you perceive things, in this case, the importance of education.

The real purpose of education is to evolve yourself. Education is meant to help you reach a higher state of being, which is far beyond finishing your higher education, or earning any sort of degrees.


What is Meaning of Education

The word education is derived from educare (Latin) “bring up”, which is related to educere “bring out”, “bring forth what is within”, “bring out potential” and ducere, “to lead”.
In ancient Greece, Socrates argued that education was about drawing out what was already within the student. (As many of you know, the word education comes from the Latin e-ducere meaning “to lead out.”)