Education: Video Gamers Learn Better

Those who regularly play action-based computer games obviously have advantages when it comes to learning.

Education: Learning advantages of video games

In video games, you master difficulties

Even if video games like LoL only appear as entertainment at first glance, they promote numerous important skills in children and adults alike. For example, most games confront players with challenges that must be mastered. You move through tricky levels, defeat powerful opponents, search for paths and solve puzzles. You go through whole adventures in digital worlds and your heroes rise.

Mastering difficulties and sticking with it, even if it’s not always easy, these are important experiences for children and young people. You learn how to deal with frustration when things don’t go as planned. You also learn to motivate yourself because in the end, a great sense of achievement always lures you.  The young people experience their self-efficacy – that is, that they can make an impact through their actions.

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Gaming stimulates the brain

In addition to solving problems, computer games also promote logical thinking or sensorimotor skills such as reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. Gaming improves your visual attention. The brain can classify even the smallest objects and parallel events faster and more accurately. This also offers many advantages at school and in everyday life.

Those who do not play themselves are often overwhelmed by the speed at which some video games run. Thousands of clicks and colorful animations wherever you look. But with a little training, your brain can easily do it.

Gaming is social

You know the cliché of the nerd sitting in his dark room. But the days when computer games were a solitary activity are long gone. Today’s gamers are well connected and in constant exchange. This happens in different ways.

Especially with online games you either play with anonymous people or with friends. The exchange takes place via text messages, audio messages or in-game interactions.  It is not uncommon for real friendships to develop through anonymous gaming contacts. No wonder, after all, you survive different adventures together or lead the team to victory. This can also help you develop social responsibilities in school and later in life.