Educational Advantages Of Playing Video Games

Video games are games in which multiple people interact through a device or controller. This type of device can be a computer, a console or a mobile phone. Like any activity that you do, it has its good and bad points. Among the positive sides that playing video games can offer is the imparting of knowledge and the improvement of physical and mental abilities.

Games like league of legends not only helps students improve their mental abilities but their gaming experience as well through lol boost.

Also, there is a console or computer in most homes today.  Both children and adults spend a lot of time in the day playing games.

Advantages of video games in learning

Improves physical and mental abilities

Studies have shown that playing video games on a daily basis can improve your visual attention and improve your task change performance. You are faster in visual search and object discrimination. It also brings benefits when performing multiple activities.

Use as a teaching tool

Among the advantages of video games for children, teachers use this teaching method in the context of learning for children and adolescents. They make learning fun for kids.

Promote positive values

All video games, whether on consoles or on computers, help promote values ​​such as solidarity, friendship and a sense of belonging to a group. It is of great importance that the parents of these children try to reinforce these values ​​in other areas of life as well.

Develop empathy

Since most games are played as a team, every good or bad decision-making has consequences for the group participants. Because of this, video games develop sympathy towards other individuals.

Increase self-esteem and competition

Video games help in some way to encourage healthy competition and increase self-esteem. When you pass levels or win a game, you feel lucky to advance.

Promote joint effort

Playing video games helps to develop your ability to work in a team.  Sometimes during the game you have to team up to complete a challenge. In addition, it encourages you to think fast.

Improve strategies and leadership

Video games put characters in situations where you have to use strategy to solve the problem. It also directs other people in search of a goal.

You are learning a new language

The vast majority of video games are spoken in English or some other language. This requires the player to learn a certain way in order to communicate with the other characters in the game. While playing, you acquire a new language.