How Support Service Providers Help Companies Motivate Relocating Employees

In the UK, companies that assign a key employee for a long term to a distant location, often provide support services in relocating the employee and his family. Work orders for relocation are usually part of a job promotion package. At the same time, the promotion serves as a measure in improving the performance or set up of a branch.

As motivation, the company helps the employee settle in the new location under the best possible conditions; including the schools to which the children will transfer in continuing their education.

Inasmuch as the rationale behind support services is to make it easy for the employee to adapt to the transition, employers usually hire a third-party relocation support service provider. That way, professionals who have full knowledge of the requirements, characteristics and pricing of the essential elements, will be in charge of finding the best relocation options for the employee and his family.

The Importance of Education Support Services for Relocating Employees

Providing Education Support Services is a priority undertaking of third party service providers. They know that family decisions to relocate can be hard for the children. The best way to ease difficulties is to find the right school for each child based on individual assessments.

As head of the family, it’s important for the relocating employee to have peace of mind as far as the welfare of the children are concerned. Having that enables the relocated employee to stay focused on his new job.

How Do Education Support Services Work Toward Finding the Right Schools

Education Support Services commit to make corporate relocations more efficient and effective for affected employees. Aside from having a defined mission, the relocation team follows a set of operating guidelines that adopts only the best practices.

First off, the relocation team must comprise professionals who can help the family define what they consider as the right educational institution and provisions for childcare services. Doing so can give the team the extent of coverage in their search for the right school or childcare facility.

An Education Specialist is in charge of conducting research about each available option. Research here involves communicating directly with school officials, representatives of admissions offices and local authorities, to find out if the school or facility has been involved in any adverse issues.

Research also includes looking into reports released by the Office for Standards Education (Ofsted), in relation to the results of site inspections and skills assessment as part of regulatory procedures.

The Education Specialist can add real value by giving the family actual look-see tours of all the best options available. This makes it easier for the employee and his family to arrive at informed decisions in choosing their new educational settings. In preparing a formal presentation, the Education Specialist can also add value by formulating his or her own assessments of the information gathered.
Providing support services for relocation includes arranging the most convenient and affordable method by which a family can relocate their belongings to their new home. London man van relocators have become the most popular choices because they offer more than removal and hauling jobs.

The support service team will of course choose a man and van provider that also offers not only packing services but all the necessary packing materials as well. Moreover, where appurtenances need to be disassembled and later assembled, the support service team will find out if including such service is necessary. The bottom line here is that companies also make it a point to rehire support service and relocation van providers who elicit favourable feedback from their employees.