The Role of Forests in Children’s Learning Experience

Young kid in the forest


For the development of the child, a varied stay in nature is of great importance. Take advantage of all the possibilities that the forest offers to escape the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life together with your child. Quite a few children are prescribed tablets to calm down. But is this always appropriate? Bringing calm and balance into the life of your offspring is a goal that parents can achieve with simple means and on top of that a lot of fun. It is a great idea to set off your waterproof RV covers, get your family in your motorhome vehicle, and begin your trip to the woods.

Children love nature because they can still experience real adventures here and especially the forest is a very important playground. Take the time to have a picnic in the woods with your child. Listen together on a blanket to the sound of the leaves in the wind, and the singing of the birds, or watch small bugs crawl. In the forest, children also have to face physical challenges, as they have to overcome, for example, uneven forest floors, steeply sloping slopes, or scrub lying in the path. To do this, it is necessary to concentrate and independently cope with these problems. Everyone tries out different ways and finally discovers skills that they can be proud of.

At any time of the year, the forest conveys intensive nature experiences. The children learn a lot about native plants and the habitat of the animals. This educates them at the same time to respect and protect nature.


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The forest also offers the children materials and opportunities that stimulate their imagination and creative joy. For example, crafting with beechnuts, pine cones or chestnuts promotes their sense of creativity. In the end, homemade little males, animals, or boats stand in front of them and can be used for new games. In the tranquility of the forest, the children experience many sensual moments. They feel rough tree bark with their hands, perceive the rustling of the trees in the wind, hear many different bird calls, knock the woodpecker, frogs croak, or insects buzz and hum. They discover mushrooms, and berries, sniff the musty smell of forest soil, and walk over soft moss – all this leads to their own body awareness.

The forest offers the children an enormous space of experience for all-around development, which is not fully given in their everyday environment. In addition, playing in the fresh forest air hardens and keeps the children healthy. Family days together in the forest are ideal opportunities to give the children exactly what is important for their development: nature and the parents who take the time to explore and experience the environment together with their offspring.