Benefits of SEO for Schools

Students in a classroom


How do I attract new students? What do I have to do to be found well on the Internet with my school? For many schools and especially for boarding schools, this question is no small matter, but of great importance. What seems unusual at first sounds plausible on closer inspection. Schools and boarding schools are facing major challenges in attracting new students. And although the press and public relations departments of educational institutions know very well where and how their own institution with its name, special features, and advantages must be clearly visible, the topic of online marketing is often still in its infancy, especially in schools. Students and their relatives look for boarding schools mainly on the Internet.

The choice of a school now takes place online. Especially if it is a boarding school with a large catchment area. Interested parties and their relatives ask Google for suitable offers. Those who are well found in the natural search results with their keywords reach their target group with the help of a 구글 SEO 회사 (Google SEO company). In the case of boarding schools, the need to create visibility on the Internet is obvious. But it is also important for schools that they are easily found on the net. Especially in metropolitan areas, where there is a mix of different secondary schools with public or private sponsorship, it is important for parents and students to get an idea in advance on the Internet in order to be able to make a pre-selection if necessary. Content on the website should be based on the specific profile of the respective school.

1. The starting point for SEO

Is it possible to work with the existing website? What adjustments are necessary? Is the site responsive? Which SEO activities have already been implemented? This is where SEO tools like Xovi and Sistrix help.

2. Keyword research – search engine optimization for boarding schools with search terms

With which content or search terms does a school or boarding school want to be found on the Internet? Is it the Abitur after 13 years? The possibility to take your own horse with you, the special location – a castle or estate in a possibly interesting location? Of course, an SEO strategy should be based on search terms that are also relevant in terms of search volume.


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3. Content for the SEO strategy – how do you present a boarding school on the net?

Competitor analysis is helpful when it comes to defining the necessary content output. After all, not just any “prominent visibility”, but place 1 on page 1 should be the goal. Content on the Internet – that’s text, images, and videos. From the welcome video on the homepage to outstanding texts, images, and videos on the blog section of the website. Those who shine with outstanding content will be sure of a good ranking. In addition to very good content on the website, and exemplary usability, the search engines are always concerned with the OffPage performance, the so-called backlinks, or recommendations. Where do these backlinks come from? Does the environment fit, and how high quality and relevant are the recommendations? It is important that the SEO journalist takes the perspective of the target group when creating text, images, and videos. Transferred to the target group of a boarding school, this means:

  • Is my child in good hands at this boarding school?
  • Is the educational offer right?
  • Does my child benefit from attending the boarding school?
  • How is my child accommodated? What do the accommodations look like? Is fresh cooking done at the boarding school? What impression do school management and teachers make?
  • What leisure activities are there?

These questions, certainly only a small excerpt, must be present in content production. And finally, all questions must be answered. SEO is also becoming increasingly important for boarding schools internationally. Germany is a country of immigration. Parents inform themselves about educational opportunities before moving to Germany. The attractiveness of a country is also measured by this.