5 Tips for Keeping Your School Clean

Students in a classroom


After school hours, school buildings are increasingly used for after-school care or by sports clubs. All the more important is to keep the building clean.

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By following the following five steps, taken from OSB’s white paper ‘Healthy at School’, a school remains healthy and clean.

1: Draw up a cleaning plan

The basis of a clean and healthy school is a cleaning plan. This states when, how, by whom, and how often cleaning is done. The school board, together with the management, is responsible for drawing up the plan. These are also the parties that determine the budget for cleaning.

2: Use cleaning cards

On a cleaning card, the activities of the cleaning company and the school are recorded and kept up to date. Two cleaning cards have been developed for the school: one for the whole school and one for the class. By keeping track of the cards and evaluating them, both the cleaning company and the school gain more insight into the work and into things that may go wrong.


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3: Do frequent maintenance

The daily and weekly cleaning tasks fall under frequent maintenance. For daily maintenance, everything that students and teachers touch several times a day must be cleaned often and thoroughly. Weekly work is understood to mean ‘reasonably clean situations’ that determine what the school looks like.

4: Perform periodic maintenance

This is the major cleaning that takes place during holidays for the implementation of a new cleaning program. In this maintenance, attention is paid to repairing serious defects such as leaks and the maintenance of the ventilation system.

5: Measure cleaning quality

A cleaning company with the OSB quality mark carries out quality checks to measure its own cleaning quality. In addition, a periodic check-up is important. This can be done, for example, by a specially trained VSR quality inspector with the VSR-KMS (Quality Measurement System).