Pros of TikTok among Students’ Mental Health


The most popular social networking app right now is TikTok. The impact it could have on their children’s mental health is one of the top worries of parents. Others claim that using TikTok can hurt young people. Some assert that it can raise their sense of self. We’ll attempt to be as impartial as we can even if both sides have valid points to make. We shall examine numerous effects TikTok may have on today’s youngsters in this post.

1. It’s Enjoyable

Although many contend that adolescents might be distracted by social media platforms like TikTok (users must be at least 13 years old to download this app) especially when they are pressured to have plenty of Followers, it is undeniable that they use it only for entertainment. TikTok is full of humorous duets, funny dances, and other entertaining content that viewers find to be quite hilarious. Teenagers who don’t use TikTok may also feel excluded because it is so widely used. For them, the fear of missing out (FOMO) syndrome may be a genuine issue.

2. It May Help You Make Friends

Because of its high potential for fostering new friendships and connections, TikTok is regarded as a social network. With millions of users throughout the globe, this medium may also be fantastic for inclusivity. Making friends in person might be challenging for kids who are naturally timid. Social media, on the other hand, relieves the strain of direct, face-to-face communication, making it much simpler for certain people to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and form new relationships.

3. It may provide a useful creative outlet

Making quality TikToks is truly a skill, despite the fact that it may not initially seem to be the case. For instance, while creating dancing videos, you must select the best filters, choose appropriate music, and come up with and perform creative dance routines. You need a screenplay and interesting techniques to act out everything while creating comedy skits for TikTok. There is logic to the craziness, which is good for teenagers’ creativity and self-expression.