Principles For Designing Effective E-Learning Videos

When developing effective e-learning video modules, the first thing that is lacking is the lack of specific study technology. Most of the design guides for the development of educational multimedia products offered today have been developed on the basis of expert opinion rather than on the basis of empirical research results. This is why a scientific approach through cognitive science is interesting.

YouTube to mp3 file: pedagogical principles for educational videos

The principle of consistency

Learning is more effective when it is concentrated around a concept. It is necessary to rid the subject of information that is not essential. One of the illustrations of this principle is the development of micro-learning. These e-learning modules focus on a single element developed over 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

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The principle of redundancy

Studies show that contrary to what one might think, displaying information that is given orally on the screen is detrimental to teaching. In other words, presenting a message in several ways does not give a better retention rate. On the contrary, it saturates the channels of perception.

It is far more effective to balance speech, meaning, and images that illustrate that speech. Thus, the explanatory videos in animation on a whiteboard showing drawings, at the same time as a voice-over “explains” the notion treated. An e-learning module based on this model stimulates two perceptual channels, sight, and hearing, in different ways. This gives a better retention rate.

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The principle of segmentation

You learn better when the training is cut into shorter sequences, segmented, compared to a block of knowledge dealing with several aspects. This principle still brings water to the micro-learning mill.

It is also easier to identify the difficulties of the trainee when the teaching aids are separated in this way. She can immediately realize if she manages to assimilate and use the concept she has just studied. On the contrary, over the course of two hours, or even a day, the difficulty is drowned in the middle of the other elements of the training.

The reporting principle

You retain better what is highlighted in learning. The teacher must therefore prioritize the knowledge, point out the key information and direct the attention of the learners to it.