Raising Funds and Friends to Close the Gap

November 13, 2015

On September 29, 2015, Phoenix Collegiate Academy hosted a Close the Gap fundraiser to benefit the school’s programs at Changing Hands Bookstore’s new Phoenix location. The fundraiser, which raised over $20,000 for the school’s operations, was hosted by PCA Board Chair Sentari Minor and PCA’s Co-Founders, Rachel Yanof and Akshai J. Patel. More than 125 people attended the event, which was keynoted by Arizona Community Foundation’s Steve Seleznow.

This event was particularly special, as it was the first time that a Senior PCA student was able to address a room of PCA supporters. This is a moment that we’ve dreamed about at PCA for 6 years, and we’re so glad to see it come to fruition! Senior Marco Quezada addressed the crowd about how PCA has positioned him to become a competitive college applicant in Criminal Justice. Quezado, who boasts a 3.33 GPA, is currently taking 3 AP classes and dreams of being a police detective, began his schooling at PCA in the 6th grade and is now applying to many schools, most notably Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

After Quezada’s inspiring words, Steve Seleznow, President and CEO of the Arizona Community Foundation, also spoke to the audience encouraging them to continue supporting the amazing work happening at Phoenix Collegiate Academy. Seleznow noted that he normally has a colleague do school support events, but he insisted on attending PCA’s fundraiser because he believes so strongly in PCA’s mission, vision, and values. In addition, Seleznow noted that as Arizonans, if we truly value educational outcomes, we will need to start putting our money to work to support these organizations.

As a school, we were also proud to have several teachers, staff and 5 senior students in attendance, all of whom attended PCA since they were in middle school. These staff and students are a testament to the amazing results that the PCA program can have on student lives when we have time to work with students and to help them to achieve their dreams. The funds raised at the event will go toward the entire PCA program to strengthen our influence on the youth of South Phoenix.

Did you miss the fundraiser? There’s still time to make your contribution! Visit the PCA donation page and support our students today! 



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