Staff and Faculty

To any of our high school staff, please call 602.842.1722 or send an email to

Charter Management Organization (CMO) Staff

Elementary School Staff

Middle School Staff

High School Staff

High School Administrative Team

Benjamin Kail

Dean of Academics

Joshua Roth

Dean of Culture

Jimmy Li

Operations Manager

Maria Bustillos

Office Manager

Ofelia Amaya

Facilities Manager

High School Instructional Team

Kyle Arnold

9th Grade Science Teacher

[View Resume]

Caleb Winebrenner

9th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

[View Resume]

Andrea Glenn

9th/10th Grade Elective Teacher

[View Resume]

Ashleigh Pankratz

9th Grade Social Studies Teacher

[View Resume]

Nicholas Holtschlag

9th Grade Mathematics Teacher

[View Resume]

Johnathan Rosenberger

9th/10th Grade Special Education Teacher

[View Resume]

Tiffany Sandoval

9th Grade Spanish Teacher

[View Resume]

Lenia Parks

Special Education Substitute

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Kimberly Olson

10th Grade Social Studies Teacher

[View Resume]

Yesenia Pedro Vicente

10th Grade Spanish Teacher

[View Resume]

Kelsey Valentino

10th Grade Mathematics Teacher

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Minh-Dan Tran

10th Grade Physics Teacher

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