Tax Credit Campaign

Make this year’s tax credit count by investing in PCA students’ college preparatory experiences!  

Early Exposure

College Becomes a Reality

Early and consistent exposure to higher education is a critical part of our students’ preparation for college. When our alumni, more than 3/4 of whom are currently enrolled in college, think back to what best prepared them they inevitably share two things: 1) academic rigor and 2) college experiences. However, public funding for these experiences does not exist – leading to a large college-going gap between low income and affluent communities.

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The Value of Your Support

Our $50,000 Goal

Tax credit campaigns successfully raise large sums of money in affluent areas where schools rely on family donations. PCA serves a low income community where, for most, it would be impossible to forego $200 or $400 in a budget now, even if it could be recovered later. We rely on those who make donations to a school community that really needs it to close the college-going gap between low-income and affluent communities.  Click here to learn more about why your donation is so significant to PCA students and families.

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How it Works

Take Action Today

Our $50,000 tax credit goal will ensure that every single high school student visits two colleges, and every single elementary and middle school student learns about and takes part in college experiences. Individuals can donate up to $200, while married couples can donate up to $400. You will receive 100% of your donation back through an Arizona tax credit for education. For more information, click here.

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Please make your donation today!  
Donate online by clicking below or downloading the form here and sending your check to:
5610 S Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85040.