Despite Downgrades Nationally

December 4, 2014

S&P upgraded it’s evaluation of PCA’s future outlook to ‘positive,’ signaling that already high ratings that match some of the top charters in the region are likely to go up soon. Standard and Poore’s revisited their rating for PCA recently, thoroughly reviewing educational program, operations, management and financials. As a result, S&P affirmed PCA’s BB+ rating, beating many expectations and again earning the highest rating the school is eligible for. S&P is the largest charter school rating agency and provides ratings for schools across the country. PCA sees the bump as a very positive sign, especially considering the negative trend of downgraded ratings for charter schools nationally.

S&P again noticed PCA’s excellent financial management through a tough climate and during expansion, highlighting financial metrics in line with other BBB- rated schools. Their report notes the tenure of leadership that has remained since founding (including at the board level and a former AZ Teacher of the Year) and a team of teachers, administrators, and board members that’s dedicated to improving educational opportunities for highly disadvantaged students in South Phoenix, as reasons for the upgraded outlook.

It’s remarkable step toward making PCA’s future expansion a reality because it will help PCA issue debt for expansion at a better interest rate. Better rates mean more resources can be devoted to the thing that matters most: educating students. At PCA, we care about continued improvement in everything we do and even S&P can see that it’s happening. That’s just #HowWePCA

You can find a summary of their December report here.



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