College counseling, the PCA Way

February 14, 2016

When we think about the many benefits that we want to provide to students at PCA, one of the best resources is Ms. Andrea Glenn. Ms. Glenn is PCA’s college counselor, devoting hours of her time at the high school to breaking down the barriers between PCA students and college attendance. We know those barriers are high–most of our students would be first generation college students, many face barriers of documentation or language, and the largest barrier of all is usually financial. But this doesn’t daunt Ms. Glenn, who is committed to the work that we do at PCA, who says “In a society where change is inevitable, constant and expected, it is rare to find working professionals refer to their work as their life calling. I can honestly say, that the work I am privileged to do, the children and families I am honored to serve, are all the reasons why I call PCA my home away from home, my calling in life. I am fortunate to come to work daily and help students realize their dreams, potential, passions, and use those as driving forces to navigate their future.”

The average AZ high school has a student to counselor ratio of 1:1500 (American Counseling Association) whereas at PCA, we have 1 counselor for 188 students. Such a small ratio allows Ms. Glenn to get to know each student personally and to customize her recommendations and assistance directly to the student at hand. Ms. Glenn ensures that all juniors and seniors register for and take college entrance exams, tracks their progress for one-on-one college meetings, and creates the curriculum for College Thursday delivered through the advisory period.

But Ms. Glenn doesn’t stop at that–she also brings in guest speakers, coordinates the FAFSA workshops, organizes the Outreach Fair where community- and college-based organizations reach out to students about how they can be engaged, and works with the Project Graduation club to coordinate senior experiences such as the senior trip. As we approach our final semester of the school year and reflect on the amazing strides our school and students have made along their path to college, we are particularly grateful for the efforts of Ms. Glenn toward our college-going culture.


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  1. Mary Anne Doty March 3, 2017 Reply

    While watching Arizona Horizon, TED Simons said PCA is looking for volunteers I think for the students to practice interviewing. I can help with that.

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