Big News For Phoenix Collegiate Academy!

For the 2018-2019 school year, Phoenix Collegiate Academy will be merging with ASU Preparatory Academy and will become ASU Prep South Phoenix/PCA. This will mean lots of amazing changes for our students and our families.

What will it mean for you as a potential Team Member at ASU Prep South Phoenix/PCA next year? Lots of perks including free tuition to any of the three state universities. ASU Prep team members pay only $25 per semester to continue their studies.

If you’re interested in applying visit ASU Prep’s website here.

84% of 2016 Graduates Are Attending College

$200,000+ College Scholarships Earned by First Graduating Class

Home of the 2011 Charter School Teacher of the Year

Make College Happen for an Underserved Community

Three Teach for America alumni envisioned a free public school in South Phoenix where all students would have a path to a college degree. This dream became a reality in 2009 when we first opened our doors.

Since opening, we have had one mission: Create leaders who are prepared for college success.

We accomplish this by setting high expectations for students and by recruiting and training the best teachers. If you’re ready to join our team of driven, talented educators, send us your resume!

Core Values

Student Empowerment

We empower students with the academic and leadership skills and awareness to succeed in a society that has historically placed limits on them and their families.


We dream big and act with purpose.

Disciplined Thought

We take serious care to make decisions by balancing information with experience. We learn from and reflect on our work with honesty and humility.

Team Mindset

We value and care about each other, acting with a generosity of spirit. Each of us gives our best to the team.